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Audio Books

When the content of an audiobook is matched to the right narrator, the result is a completely captivated audience. Play matchmaker by connecting your audiobook project to the narrator that will bring it to life. When you peruse our audiobook voice talent pool, you’ll find high caliber, in-demand voice over artist talent with reviews that attest to their abilities.


It takes more than a talented animator to bring a character to life. Once the animation has been completed, a soundtrack and voice actor needs to be selected. The right voice will keep audiences on the edge of their seat, while a poor voice detract from the animation on the screen. Get the best voice actors possible to engage and entertain your audience. These talented professionals can add interest to any cartoon. A huge pool of voice talent is waiting right at your fingertips.

Movie Trailers

Audiences get excited when the lights go down at a movie theater. But despite expectations, this lowering of the lights does not mark the beginning of the feature film. Instead, it’s time for the audience to be entertained by a series of commercials and movie trailers. If you're working to promote an upcoming film, you can seize the moment by having one of our professionals narrate your trailer. These voice artists instantly establish a sense of rapport with audiences, inviting them to step into the fascinating world of the film being promoted.


While television viewers tend to pay the closest attention to images presented on the screen, they’re also listening intently as they watch their favorite programs. Few realize how important a role sound plays in the TV experience -- it has the potential to make or break an otherwise outstanding broadcast. Our versatile talent can bring any script to life, whether a voice over requires a quick summary of the local news or contestant introductions on a game show.


Smart Boards and iPad apps are rapidly being introduced to classrooms all around the world. These innovations share a few things in common: creative approaches to new and old concepts, colorful displays, entertaining animations and engaging narration. The voice behind these educational tools can spell the difference between a captivated classroom and an outbreak of chaos. We can help you prevent such a calamity. Simply browse the vast pool of vocal talent and select a professional best suited to the needs of your classroom.


To capture audiences, the stories presented in documentaries must be connected by an intriguing storyline—and the story must be narrated with an engaging voice. Successful documentary voice overs offer a sense of authority combined with familiarity. These qualities can be easily found in the voice talent featured here. Our talented vocal artists are capable of turning a potentially dull documentary into something truly captivating. You should have no trouble finding such an artist when you listen to the voices we have available.


A radio program isn’t worth listening to unless the voice behind it sounds great. But the DJ and the host aren’t the only ones providing voices heard on the radio. Every time a station skips to commercials (or returns from commercials), a catchy voice is there to remind listeners which station they've decided to tune into – as well as reminding listeners why it's worth keeping the dial right where it is. Keep your audience around with the help of our voice talent. Listening to the radio should be a satisfying experience – and our talented individuals will make it just that.


If you've ever sat on the line while waiting to speak to a customer service representative, you know just how frustrating the whole experience can be. While large businesses can’t always ensure callers receive immediate access to representatives, they can minimize awkward silences with the help of telephone voice overs. The primary objective of a telephony voice over is to calm customers so that they don't come away from the call feeling angry or ignored. Our professionals possess pleasant, yet authoritative voices capable of providing customers with peace of mind as they wait for assistance.


Whether you’re the leader of a Fortune 500 corporation or a one-man operation, you’ll require the assistance of voice over talent at one point or another. Voice overs are needed in every facet of business, from commercials used to attract new prospects to being the first voice a customer hears on the phone line. Your business needs highly versatile voice artists who can adapt their voices to meet the requirements of any given business scenario. Our experienced voice talent can transform any copy into the perfect voice over to meet your company's needs.


Although traditionally associated with mediums like radio and television, voice overs are now becoming even more numerous, and proving quite useful, in the realm of Internet marketing. Many company web pages offer brief audio clips explaining the purpose of their business or assisting users with specific troubleshooting quandaries. Many internet voice overs are used specifically for commercial purposes in advertisements. Audio clips on the ‘net may be accompanied by videos and images, or simply used as standalone audio. A successful audio presence on a company's website can be ensured by the selection of a top-notch voice professional. Our experts are dedicated to offering voice talent that is both easy on the ears and fitting for any given company's specific needs.


The podcast is a relatively new form of media that has truly revolutionized the world of the spoken word. Thanks to the development of the podcast, listeners can now access interesting and important information on a wide array of topics from wherever they happen to have smartphones or other mobile devices. Our amazing vocal artists know how to take material on any subject and turn it into a fascinating podcast. It won't be long before your listeners are clamoring for more!

Video Games

In the earliest days, videogames were meant solely for entertainment. Now, videogames are being used to educate users of all ages while forming close-knit virtual communities. Today's successful videogame requires a catchy concept, quality animation and an energetic voice. Our voice actors possess voices that are simultaneously pleasant and energizing. They can keep frustrated players motivated, ensuring that gameplay continues long after a gamer’s initial purchase. Cast your characters our professionals and watch as your game flourish.